About LingSense

If you love stylish accessories, originality, and the environment, you’ve come to the right place. LingSense stands at the intersection of environmental responsibility and high fashion thanks to our unique upcycled designs. We take pieces and parts from the finest leather in Japan and use our creativity to inject them with new life.

In the past, a Louis Vuitton bag that started to tear might head to the landfill. Isn’t it crazy that so much premium leather would go to waste because of a bit of localized cosmetic damage? At LingSense, we remove damaged leather and repurpose the rest to create all sorts of beautiful, unique accessories.

LingSense doesn’t simply recycle, we upcycle. Our team starts out with Louis Vuitton leather, but then we transform it into something completely new. If you explore our collection of accessories, you’ll see adorable designs that consist of different colors of leather cut into new shapes. These include:

  • Corgi coin pouches
  • Smiling bear cardholders
  • Unicorn phone cases
  • Stylish-yet-minimalistic bookmarks, hairpins, and much more

The LingSense design team creates every new design and accessory with care. Once you see our range of upcycled leather accessories, you’re sure to find that one is calling out to you.


Yuling Chen
Phone: +86-13418805622
Email: elaine@ponbell.com

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